I feel beats that are heard from some deep and secret place in this world. According to legend, no one wants to talk about that place because there is jealously guarded a vital treasure for the preservation of our planet and all of Humanity. They call it "The heart of nature" and from it emanates all the energy that keeps our world alive. You must not know where it is.  You should only feel it in your heart!
This work is an excellent opportunity to enjoy contemplating the different layers of texture and great color that oil painting offers. This is a technique and medium, although not the only one, that allows me to express myself freely, always showing a different point of view of this world.​​​​​​​
Oil painting on Canvas
0,90m x 0,90m  (35'' x 35'')  2021
2.200 €  (Shipping costs and taxes not included)
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