To observe a work by the artist Isabel Castelló Ocampos is to enter a space where opposite energies converge, to reveal a different vision of the reality of our world. She wants to transport us to an essential relativity of our environment, which helps us to develop a more critical and constructive view of life.
Castelló Ocampos was born in Argentina, and for many years she has lived in Spain, the land of her grandfather. In her childhood, when they both spent time together in Argentina, he was the one who described those Spanish fields full of olive trees and the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Inspired by these stories and influenced by Salvador Dalí, Gerhard Richter and Sara Shamma, Castelló Ocampos wishes that her work invites reflection, generates concerns and a certain mystery.
She shows her passion for the transformation of natural and human forms through fusion, deformation and metamorphosis, altering not only their structure but also their meaning. In this way, Castelló Ocampos keeps her spectators fascinated with the creation of new aesthetic entities that are characterized by a strong personality of their own and a great color between orange, light sienna, magenta or emerald green tones that contrast with those colder, such as turquoise blue .
Former Professor of Fine Arts and Graphic Designer, she also obtained a Degree in Audiovisual Communication that allowed her to know a more technological aspect in the creative process of her works.
Castelló Ocampos works with watercolor, ink, mixed techniques, acrylic, oil paint, etc, adding depth and interest to her pieces with the application of several layers of pigments and various materials. For her, the pictorial technique chosen for a work is only a means to capture her main objective of projection of an idea, a concept or message to the world from her studio in Valencia, very close to the Mediterranean Sea.​​​​​​​
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