I don't paint things keeping their real appearance. I paint that fascination, that emotion that I feel, when I visualize in my mind the metamorphosis of these things. A conversion process that leads me to think of anthropomorphic forms fused with more natural ones, and to rescue the human being from within us.
Consequently, a new and unique image arises, produced by the transformation of the formal and chromatic differences of these elements, altering not only their structures, but also their identity and meaning.
In this way, these new aesthetic entities are characterized by a more existentialist sense and a strong personality, channeling messages and ideas that flow on the canvas, between shades of orange, sienna, magenta, emerald green or shades of ultramarine blue.
As a result, each of my works becomes a shared space, where changing and regenerating energies converge at the same time, revealing a different vision of the reality of our world.
That's why I would like the viewer to feel transported to a more essential role in our environment, to help him develop a more personal and constructive view of life.
Isabel Castelló Ocampos

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